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Grand Theft Obama

grand theft obama

Obama’s Hat Trick

Barack Obama pulls out Wright

Lapel Pinheads

flag pin

Straight Talk

barack obama john mccain straight talk

Hillary Gloom

hillary clinton overshadows barack obama

Six more weeks of negative and bitter campaigning 😦

Papal Politics

pope visits america while hillary clinton and barack obama fight

It was a shame that while the Pope was here he couldn’t save the democratic primary. This is starting to wear on everyone, I just hope the voters in Pennsylvania will just be done with it and do the right thing and elect Obama. The last thing we all need is two more months of this bickering.

Shaken not Bitter

barack obama bittergate

Barack has a bad habit of taking a mental nap when he has a lead. I know his intentions were to paint a realistic picture of the plight of midwestern industry, but take a cue from John McCain who lost the Michigan primary…the truth can hurt and so can losing a political campaign.