Red Wings win the Stanley Cup

Red Wings win the Stanley Cup

Cartoon has just been published on the Detroit Free Press sports page!

Being from Detroit, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to draw a hockey cartoon. Yes, the NHL is not the most popular league in the states, but this year had to generate some interest. The Penguins were a great team with Sidney Crosby headlining the NHL, and Detroit is always going to be called “Hockey Town”. So in this regards I celebrate hockey as a great sport and worthy of a post. As for the NBA, sure the Lakers/Celtics series is worth watching, but I’ll take my Wings and hockey any day!


4 responses to “Red Wings win the Stanley Cup

  1. Excellent cartoon…From the “D” also and this cartoon will be the background on all forms off my media(PC, Ipod, PS3) if it has wallpaper settings be assured this will be it. I have many Stanley Cup pics with Wings, but this is an original and prolly rare. Again nice work!!

  2. Thats an awesome image… was hoping to see the stanley cup pumping oil a few years back, but still this is pretty good!

  3. Mr. Donar, i went to the “buy my stuff” link at Cafepress, but couldn’t figure out how to communicate with you from there. Can or do you put this “Red Wings” image onto t-shirts and the like?

    • politicalgraffiti

      Thanks for the reply, cafe press won’t allow me to publish the Image as to copyright issues. I’m more than happy to send you the high res image free of charge. Youll have to find a way to make your own apparel.

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