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Popular Myths

NSA spying

nsa wire tapping cartoon

In the light of the new terrorist bill, I wanted remind Obama that his promise to change things in Washington should not be taken lightly.  This cartoon was published in 2006, but alas, 2008, nothing has changed.  Sniff.

Tour De Fraud

Let’s hope there is no more scandals, as this race has taken quite a spill.

Vick files bankruptcy

This cartoon has been published in the “Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year 2008”  Just recently on ESPN, I saw that he has declared bankruptcy.  Tis a pity a gifted athelete throws everything away on such stupid activity.

David and Goliath

honda hummer cartoon

Co-dependence day

fourth of july cartoon

Pixel Slingin’

pixel slinging political cartoon mud

NY times article