Monthly Archives: September 2008

Bailing on Bush

bush gets dumped by republicans political cartoon

Pucker Up

tax payers get pressed political cartoon

Pro Standard of Living

pro life doesnt mean pro quality of life political cartoon

Maverick McCain

john mccain is an old beat up rusty maverick political cartoon
He was a lean mean fast machine in his day, but unfortunately the Maverick is an old outdated rust bucket.

This cartoon as well as other McCain cartoons were featured in Lady Bug

Feral Reserve

federal reserve

The government sat on its butt while the economy ran amok. Just like feral dogs roaming the street, a recession now plagues us.

This cartoon was originally posted on April 15th, but I saw it fitting to revisit our Feral Government.

China will suck US dry

The solution to Palin

I am proud to say that this cartoon was published in a Brazilian Magazine…

Here’s an interesting CNN post

Sexist Pigs

George and Georgia

Hokey Mom