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Auld Anxiety

2009 new year cartoon

Jib Jab always seems to capture the moment…


detroit lions cartoon

The Year in Review

2008 proved to be a banner year for politics!  Thank the web for wordpress as I launched my political cartoon site at such a golden time.  Hillary vs. Obama vs. Republican etc. etc.  I am very thankful for 2008 and hope 2009 proves to be another dynamic year in politics.  My site has reached 60.000 hits this year and I still have 2 more months before my calendar aniversary!  I want to thank all of you for visiting and please spread the word and be sure to participate by posting comments and please take my survey!  It’ll help me get a better picture of who my readers are!  And if you wish, please post a link and let me know as I’ll return the favor!


My first cartoon and I owe it all to Charles Schultz comic strip.  Barack Obama is a sweet soul, but is despised by Hillary and John McCain.


Reverend Wright proved to be Obama’s first biggest political test.  He came through in flying color.


Other Democracies have more than 2 parties, why not us?  Ron Paul became the Ralph Nader of the Republicans and you might as well had a Lesbian at the RNC.

honda hummer cartoon

The Japanese continue to kill Detroit with smallness.


The writing is on the wall for Hillary.

tom and jerry, hillary and barack cartoon

Say it aint so!  Hillary is suddenly a nice sweet politician?


After Hillary, John McCain had a different tune.  This cartoon has gotten the most hits and I’m proud to say it was posted originally in April, long before the candidates were set in stone.



Sara Palin, a gift from the cartoon Gods!

virginia is for liberals cartoon

Amazingly, strict red states like Virginia and North Carolina go for Barack Obama.

tax payers get pressed political cartoon

The Economy takes center stage and that is not good for McCain.

obama and mccain debate political cartoon

McCain’s campaign starts to take on a desperate tone and soon rears its ugly head ultmately heading towards defeat.

Barack Obama John McCain Cartoon

Barack becomes the first non white to become president.

president obama political cartoon

YES! there is a Santa!

japan and detroit auto subsidy cartoon

Oh no!

Blagojevich Obama political cartoon

Lions Suck

lions suck cartoon

As if the Detroit area doesn’t have enough to sulk about, the Detroit Lions have blessed us with more shame.

Santa Closed

unemployed santa cartoon