basij iran cartoon

6 responses to “Basijed

  1. that ‘s the fact

  2. Indeed, this is the long and the short of the story, you have drawn there. Good work!

  3. hahaha!!
    Really true,
    Bastard paramilitary armed Basij,

  4. come on ! every country has its military troops in order to stop fools , if u dont like basij its your problem not ours. i’m sure u didnt heard khameneis voice let alone his speech . dont bee funny!

  5. im a university student
    i see khamenei is called as beloved by most students
    most students following his speech and actually love him
    its a fact
    if u believe it or not
    you cant change the truth by denying
    i love him too and its a gret onner
    4 me that he is my leader

  6. With false assumptions ، look at biased and news directed، can not have correctly judge from Basij of people and Dear leaders. We’re love our leader because he want peace, justice, equality and freedom in the world. Please do not Terror the truth.

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