Obama scraps health care reform

obama health care cartoon

8 responses to “Obama scraps health care reform

  1. severnyproductions

    lol. good stuff

  2. politicalgraffiti

    it pains me to criticize Obama early in this stage of health care, but it’s a cartoonist’s job to throw ink at both sides of the political spectrum. Hold no politician sacred!

    • Idon'tthinkyouknowthefacts

      Wow it pains you to criticize a president that wanted a bill passed before we knew what was in it. Just read what you wrote again and think if you are in anyway thinking straight.

      Did you know that we live longer with cancer than any other country on the planet?

      • politicalgraffiti

        The fact of the matter is that we have a country club health care system with only the upper middle class whites reaping the benefits. Living with Cancer is one thing, living a quality life with preventative care is another. Before Obama, there was NO discussion on improving our health care.

  3. idon'thinkyouknowthefacts

    I just happen to know a thing or two about cancer as I have been battling stage IV colon cancer for 2 years. I am 41 years old without a family history, healthy, vegie eater and always excercised. No amount of preventative care would have located my tumor because the standard of care is colonoscopy at age 50.

    Only “upper middle class whites” reap the benefits of the health care system is naive. The employer provided health care I use is the same for every employee from CEO on down to the mail room, regardless of race or class.

    Bottom line: I know of many Canadians and Brits and Italians coming to the US for care. In fact lots of Canadian doctors by US health insurance. I’m really not hearing of any from the US rushing to get care in Canada or England. The wealthiest will always get care, the rest of us deserve to decide how we would like to met our health care goals. I call that freedom.

    I agree with you that Obama got the conversation going on health care. For that I am grateful. The system is not perfect and changes need to be made so that most will be able to get healthcare. The truly poor get it now.

    Don’t let….The perfect be the enemy of the good. Voltaire

    • politicalgraffiti

      Fair enough! But I live in Canada half the year and I have had no problems seeing a doctor and getting the appropriate care. Now I never had to get any advanced treatment so that theory hasn’t been tested. I have been denied care because “pre-existing” conditions so I spent half my time on the phone threatening to sue. My premiums and deductables are high and I have to pay every time I want to see a doctor. No preventive care and I don’t get any credit for exercising. Now I agree no system is perfect, but we need to evaluate our system and find a common ground. Canada is not socialism, and I have benefited from their system, we just need to be open and flexible to adjust our health care. Now, I wish you the best of health and appreciate your comments. I hope we all can benefit from some kind of health reform.

  4. We Americans voted for change.
    We voted for Democratic President.
    We voted for a Democratic House and Senate.
    We should have the perfect Health Care Reform bill with a public option.
    So what happened?
    Are President bumped his head.
    House and Senate Democrats sold out to the Health Insurance Companies.
    It doesn’t matter who you vote for, Lobbyists run America.
    And Americans you get to
    “Assume the Position.”

    • idon'thinkyouknowthefacts

      “We should have the perfect Health Care Reform bill with a public option.”

      Perfect system? Last time I checked there will never be a perfect anything.

      Is that like the abysmal failure that they put upon the people in Mass. and Hawaii?

      FACT CHECK: Health insurer profits not so fat


      It matters who you vote for, Unions and Lawyers run America.

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