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Happy New Year


2010 Year in Review

The year 2010 was quite a big one for Political Graffiti.  I had almost 100K hits, my cartoons were featured on CNN, the NY Times, and I had a lot of fun introducing videos and animation to the site.  This next year, I hope to have more videos and animation productions so please come back for more!

Flakey the Snowman


Happy HighDef Holidays


Season’s Solstice

This is the one that started it all.  No matter what your religious beliefs or non beliefs, the solstice is remarkable event and what makes this one even more remarkable is the lunar eclipse which the Earth’s shadow’s will cast an orange glow on the full moon.  The solstice did not only signify the shortest day of the year but also was a time that wine and beer fermented and was ready to drink from the fall’s harvest.  Some debate when Christ was actually born since the Gregorian and Julian calendar’s have discrepancies…BaylorUlink NYTIMES Link

Regardless, I embrace a pure moment in nature where an individual can apply their own meaning, whether spiritual, mystical, natural or astronomical to this wonderful event as opposed to this rampant commercialism and greed has clouded our senses and perceptions.

As for our neighbors south of the equator, enjoy your longest day of the year and rejoice in the wonders of this planet and beyond.

Nancy Pelosi’s last days as speaker

A video to celebrate Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker of the House!

Lame Ducks


How to Draw Kim Il Jong