Mark Twain’s N word



3 responses to “Mark Twain’s N word

  1. Being PC has gone too far! Don’t try to re-write the classics! Agree with me?

  2. politicalgraffiti

    Sure, I’m not a big fan of revisionist thinking. Unfortunately the word “nigger” has not died and is alive and well in mainstream entertainment. It only encourages the narrow minded to use it in hateful and spiteful terms…but at the same time youth use it as a socially acceptable slang that justifies their so called standing in the inner city and suburbs culture. Twain was using it to shine light on the hypocrisy of the society he was living in. It’s a delicate and sensitive tight rope teachers have to walk but worth trying in the class room to allow students to understand the real world situation and how it relates in today’s society.

  3. That is really cold… 😦

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