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I was born and raised in the Detroit area. I began my political cartooning career in college for the Eastern Echo at Eastern Michigan University where I was a finalist for the Charles M Schulz cartoonist award in 1993. My first professional gig was at the Macomb Daily and then the Grosse Pointe News. My biggest influence was Draper Hill who was the Detroit News cartoonist from the 1970’s thru the 90’s. I am published in the Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year, by Charles Brooks. My cartoons are collected by the likes of Senator Carl Levin and in the Cartoon Library of Ohio State University. Aside from cartooning I am also an independent animator, and my work has been seen on MTV, PBS, IFC, Tech TV and festivals all over.

I am by nature a visual storyteller, whether it is a single panel sketch or animation, my work strives to share a common human trait–telling a story.

Editorially, I believe it is critical to explore the full spectrum of thoughts and beliefs before embarking on a specific point of view or opinion.  Conviction is important but it should be upon a foundation of empathy and investigation of different opinions.   I spend considerable time in two distinct geographical and geopolitical regions of the great liberal north of Ontario, Canada and in the deep red state of South Carolina.  It is between these two distinct regions that I have honed my observational skills and personal contact of diverse thinking and conversation.

My work has been rooted in the traditional medium of ink and paper but it has evolved into the digital realm with a digital pen and tablet.  I have found new visual techniques to help push my concepts with new styles and mediums that have expanded my visual vocabulary to a higher level.

Along with my cartoons images, I am also a filmmaker and animation has driven me into a new realm of expression.  I am attracted to animation as the word’s origin means “to give life”.  I take pleasure in using traditional medium like a pencil or brush and combining them with the latest technology to develop imagery that is vibrant with movement and sound.  Satire and irony are the genres I find most effective with my animation and with the added dimension of timing and audio it creates new avenues and opportunities to connect with my audience.

By observing life from my travels, readings and interaction in various mediums and outlets, I discover these ironic twists and turns that offer us lessons and unique story opportunities.  I believe the role of the cartoonist of telling stories whether they come from within or giving a voice to others, will not change but only the mediums, and this is what makes this practice such a powerful and dynamic one.

27 responses to “About Me

  1. I have a huge favor to ask of you. I am planning an election night watch party for the University of North Texas, and I absolutely love your Obama Caricature. The theme for the election night party is “Obamanite,” and your art would go perfectly with our theme. I would love to further discuss the possibility with you.

    Thank you,
    Joshua Castillo

  2. Hi!

    Would you like to have your caricatures published at http://www.planetrulers.com?
    We can do that and appreciate if you can publish a link to our site.

    Alex, Founder

  3. Hello,

    We are writing from anonymouspond.com

    We love your cartoons and think that what you are doing is amazing. Would you consider linking to us? We are a site dedicated to social and political imagery. We post controversial content without commentary with the hope of inspiring a debate about important issues.

    Also, we wanted to ask for your permission to post one of your cartoons on our site. We are especially interested in one of your recent cartoons about women voters siding with McCain. We would, of course, link the images back to your site.

    Thanks for your consideration! We will visit you soon.

    Your friends at

  4. way to be one sided.

  5. Hello Dave,

    I’m thrilled to see you’re still having a great time offering your fabulous art of the politicos of our time!

    I can still remember your Eastern Echo work, namely President Shelton and “Mah Learnin’ University”, the Marching Hurons — another victim of a throwaway society, and the Central Michigan University riots and your famous 99 bottles of beer on the wall satire!

    I’ve linked my website and e-mail. I’m interested in hiring you for a couple pieces of work for my site. Shoot me an e-mail with some digits and I’ll call.

    They’ve hauled down Goddard Hall in Ypsilanti years ago but I still remember all the fun we had at the Eastern Echo, and a few beers to boot!

  6. Hi again, David. Thanks so much for letting us use your work at http://www.LadybugFlights.com. I picked another one for this month–And have added you to the list of regular contributors.

    I love your perspective and your drawing.


  7. very grateful for the add to your blogroll; i admire both your line work and your take on matters very much. best, dmb

  8. Dave, can you still help a brother out?


  9. I’m a high school student at the liberal arts and science academy of austin, and I was wondering if we could publish a few of your political cartoons in my school electronic magazine?


  10. Hey man. Joe Prush and I were talking about you a while back. You were the funniest cartoonist we ever met.

    Z from EMU

  11. I would be interested in talking with you about a 792×90 and 280×300 logo.
    (not spam)

    • politicalgraffiti

      Hey Chauncey, I’m sorry for getting back late, but I am terribly busy this winter. Please touch base with me later in March when I have more time. Thanks for your interest and please stay in touch.

  12. Love the site–I’m impressed by your Obama! I linked your site to my satirical blog, hope you’ll do the same!


  13. Hi there,
    We really like your work and would like to ask permission to use your cartoon “twitter riots” in our upcoming website. Please contact us for more details. Thanks.

  14. Hi,

    The World Today would very much like to use your ‘Iran and the China syndrome’ (https://politicalgraffiti.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/iran_china.jpg) in an article in our November edition. We will credit you accordingly (please let us know which details you would like us to include) and send you a copy of the publication.

    Please let me know about permission as soon as possible as we are due to go to print on Friday 16th October.

    Kind Regards


  15. I want to use your Santa cartoon (where the kid is asked to give his resume to his dad) and want to use it on my site. PP say yes!
    My address is  çhttp://ozarksrant.wordpress.com/2009/11/27/what-its-really-like-being-unemployed/

  16. Thanks so much! I have added your link to my pages. Love your cartoons! I think they are the best I’ve seen in a long, long time. You are a gifted artist and illustrator–

  17. hey I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind linking to my blog, I am in the process of making loads of anti-politics grafitti

    also i would be into linking y’all up too.


  18. You got talent kid! Not only are your a GREAT caricaturist, and cartoonist, but you have the rare knack for conveying a strong and clear message in your brilliant toons.

  19. Hello Political Graffitti,

    I recently saw your Iran-China-US cartoon at a talk in Beijing on China and Iran. I just wanted to ask your permission to reprint it on the VOA Webpage, with any China-Iran story I might write.

    Stephanie Ho, VOA Beijing Bureau Chief

  20. I found your drawing on line, and would like to know the cost? We have a annual event, and would like to use one of your drawing. Please wither call me 406-377-2393 are give me your phne number thanks

  21. Hi, I would like to use your “texting and driving” cartoon for a paper I’m writing for school on the dangers of texting

  22. Hello,
    i am the chief editor of my Economics department annual magazine( Madras Christian College – India), please could you give me permission to use the graffiti from the “Economics category” , i found those very relevant to a purely economics magazine where the featured graffiti will give its viewers a chance to think about whats going on, the best way to describe any situation is visually and your works really convince the scenario, the entire credit , sourcing and names of the creators would be published, please can u permit me to do so.
    Manish N Gaba

  23. Hi. Great cartoons! I would like to have some published in my community news magazine called “TheRomanianEcho”, in SeattleWA. Please send me a reply if you agree. Thank you, Dan.

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