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Best and Worst of 2012


Barack Obama wins reelection and Paul Ryan takes center stage.  Gun violence takes the lives of so many innocent victims.  The Muppets drop out of fried chicken promotions, Romney threatens to fire them and Elmo’s creator is charged with statutory rape.  The Mayan calendar expires as well as Bush tax cuts.

2011 Year in Review

The 2011 year is best summed up with these three words, Democracy, Disasters and Devices.  Technology in my opinion was the big story from Nuclear power gone awry, Steve Jobs passing and leaving a huge technological legacy, Mid East and Occupy protests using social networks to organize and mobilize and of course the crazy GOP campaign with a few sex scandals thrown in for good measure.

2010 Year in Review

The year 2010 was quite a big one for Political Graffiti.  I had almost 100K hits, my cartoons were featured on CNN, the NY Times, and I had a lot of fun introducing videos and animation to the site.  This next year, I hope to have more videos and animation productions so please come back for more!

2009 Year in Review


2009 will be known as the year of Obama became president, but there was plenty of other issues to illustrate. For me it was a great year as my blog surpassed last years hit total and still growing!  My disney/hulk cartoon was published in the Wall Street Journal, CBC TV(Canadian Broadcast Company), and the Daily Telegraph (London).   I just hope this next year brings us better times and sillier politicians!