CNN How to Draw John Boehner Nov 16th 2010

The New York Times Why I vote Nov 1st 2010

The Wall Street Journal, Spider Mouse? Marvel/Disney Mash-Ups for True Believers Sept 2nd 2009

The Daily Telegraph, United Kingdom, Sept 2009

CBC Toronto, iDesk August 2009, August 2009, Obama in position to take Virginia. From the Blogs section. Oct 2008

Revistapiaui, Brazil Oct 2008

Lady Bug, Oct 2008

Planet Rulers, August 2008

Pakitstani Spectator, Interview,June 19th, 2008

Detroit Free Press, June 8th 2008. “Stanley cup gives you wings.

NY Times link to China on Everest, May 11, 2008. Times Topics, Bob McCarty Writes, Flame in Hand, Chinese Conquer Everst.

Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year 2008, Charles Brooks, Pelican Publications, “Michael Vick”

Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year 2009, Charles Brooks, Pelican Publications

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Cartoon Stock



Bob McCarty Writes


Ohio State University, Cartoon Library. 2008 Democratic Primary Cartoons. June 2008


Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, AAEC

One response to “Publications

  1. I like your drawings. I started drawing Michelle Obama today myself. Afterwords, I decided to take a look around at what others had been doing and your James Dean Obama image caught my eye. good luck.

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