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USA world cup no goal


No Diving!

pittsburg penguins cartoon

It’s that time of year again, and I have to make my bias known!  Detroit Redwings are hurting and no thanks to NBC making this a condensed series they are at a distinct disadvantage.  I also think that the celebrity cult following of Crosby will make the officiating tilt towards his team.  We’ll see.  Being from Hockey Town, we take our sport seriously and will be certain to follow every move or dive Syd the Brat takes!

Red Wings win the Stanley Cup

Red Wings win the Stanley Cup

Cartoon has just been published on the Detroit Free Press sports page!

Being from Detroit, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to draw a hockey cartoon. Yes, the NHL is not the most popular league in the states, but this year had to generate some interest. The Penguins were a great team with Sidney Crosby headlining the NHL, and Detroit is always going to be called “Hockey Town”. So in this regards I celebrate hockey as a great sport and worthy of a post. As for the NBA, sure the Lakers/Celtics series is worth watching, but I’ll take my Wings and hockey any day!