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Detroit Haters


Born (Hutzel Hospital) and raised in the Detroit area, I’m tired of all the bashing from people who haven’t stepped one foot in this area.  Detroit has plenty of problems no doubt, but the area is a dynamic and vibrant place and the people are down to earth and will tell you exactly what they think.  I love my hometown and so perhaps I am biased but when I have folks visit, I show them best with the worst and they all end up with a different perception.  I lived all over North America and I can tell you every city I have been to has areas that are just as bad if not worse in terms of crime and decay.  The Detroit area will do fine regardless of what others may think or say.

Sparky Anderson 1934-2010


We lost another great one yesterday.  Sparky created something quite magical in Detroit and it happened when I was growing up.  I could not have asked for a better childhood watching Sparky guide my Tigers to a World Series Championship back in 1984, my first as a kid.  I remember fondly as everyone would say “Bless You Boys” after each win that year.  The city embraced these boys and Sparky made me believe in a spirit of grit and determination will pay off in so many ways.  This loss along with Mark Fydrich, Ernie Harwell and George Kell in the past few years has made me realize how precious moments are in life and that these collective memories will always be part of Detroit and those fortunate to experience it first hand.

North American International Auto Show

Duh Lions!

detroit lions cartoon

It’s football season!  But being a Lions fan how can you get excited about a bunch of lame footballers.  Another perfect winless season!

No Diving!

pittsburg penguins cartoon

It’s that time of year again, and I have to make my bias known!  Detroit Redwings are hurting and no thanks to NBC making this a condensed series they are at a distinct disadvantage.  I also think that the celebrity cult following of Crosby will make the officiating tilt towards his team.  We’ll see.  Being from Hockey Town, we take our sport seriously and will be certain to follow every move or dive Syd the Brat takes!


detroit lions cartoon