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YES! there is a Santa!

japan and detroit auto subsidy cartoon

Lions Suck

lions suck cartoon

As if the Detroit area doesn’t have enough to sulk about, the Detroit Lions have blessed us with more shame.

Big 3 Fruitcakes

bailout cartoon

Da Emperor’s new threads

Detroit’s mayor Kwame Kilpatrick reaches new lows with another criminal trial, but looks so good doin’ it!

Co-dependence day

fourth of july cartoon

Change your headscarf

change obama head scarf cartoon

Red Wings win the Stanley Cup

Red Wings win the Stanley Cup

Cartoon has just been published on the Detroit Free Press sports page!

Being from Detroit, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to draw a hockey cartoon. Yes, the NHL is not the most popular league in the states, but this year had to generate some interest. The Penguins were a great team with Sidney Crosby headlining the NHL, and Detroit is always going to be called “Hockey Town”. So in this regards I celebrate hockey as a great sport and worthy of a post. As for the NBA, sure the Lakers/Celtics series is worth watching, but I’ll take my Wings and hockey any day!