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Grab them by the Weiner



I’m With Her



Obamacare Thanksgiving


Wiki Leak


4th of July Diplomacy

iran obama cartoon

NY Times Link…

Hillary backers

Tom and Jerry/Hillary and Barack

tom and jerry, hillary and barack cartoon

I still can’t believe that they are friends. It reminds me back in the 70’s when some idiot Hollywood exec thought it was a good idea to have Tom and Jerry be friends. I know Hillary made a great concession speech, but it is just too good to be true. I miss the vindictive and embattled Hillary, please bring her back. As a cartoonist I love to reference classic cartoons. So far I have had Hillary as Daffy Duck and Barack as Bullwinkle and I’m sure I’ll find more…so stay tooned!

Clinton’s Last Last Stand

Hillary Clinton last stand in Montana cartoon

Hillary’s Last Primary

Hillary Clinton campaigns one last time in Montana

Shotgun Wedding

hillary clinton and barack obama in shotgun wedding

Starbucks or Cracker Barrel?

hillary clinton and barack obama, starbucks and cracker barrel

Watching Hillary blow Barack away in states like Ohio, WV, Kentucky, Tennessee, etc., and Barack winning in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, I just can’t help think that your typical Obama voter would be found in places where Starbucks flourish and Hillary voters in Cracker Barrel. For those of you who don’t know what Cracker Barrel is, just go to a state that Hillary won and you’ll soon find out. I do like their pancakes.

No Hillaries!

Hillary breaks the bank

Hillary Clinton breaks the Billy Bank

It’s Over!

hillary clinton

Hillary WINS!

Hillary Clinton Wins!