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Obama’s vision


Blue Campaign

As the GOP race starts to kick off, I wanted to depict Obama’s campaign in a more cerebral style similar to that of John Coletrane’s classic album, Blue Train where there are complex chord structures and challenging themes.  Compare this to the GOP simplistic jingoism and you can see a distinct difference.  The only question is whether the voters in November will listen to Obama’s tune.

the GOP mind trick

John Boehner

I like Speaker John Boehner, maybe not politically but emotionally and aesthetically.  He has a tough job as the Republican party is split between extremes and I don’t think anyone can do better to try to keep them in line.  I love his orange tone and big bright blue eyes.  I was inspired by the velvet masterpieces that show intense emotion and no one is more emotional in congress than Speaker Boehner.

Puss-n-boots reference  thanks to my pal Justin!

Lame Ducks


Obama Claus

How to Draw John Boehner

This will be a first in a series of drawing tutorials for the aspiring cartoonist. I hope you enjoy learning how to draw and please send me links or e-mail me your drawing of Mr. Boehner!  E-mail your pics to pgcartoons(at)gmail(dot)com

Cartoon was vetted on CNN i-reports