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Death to Daffodils



Prokaryote, (Google it)


Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey”, Fox’s new show goes against conventional wisdom as the target audience is most likely based in faith rather than science.

Old Tyme Religion

Season’s Solstice

This is the one that started it all.  No matter what your religious beliefs or non beliefs, the solstice is remarkable event and what makes this one even more remarkable is the lunar eclipse which the Earth’s shadow’s will cast an orange glow on the full moon.  The solstice did not only signify the shortest day of the year but also was a time that wine and beer fermented and was ready to drink from the fall’s harvest.  Some debate when Christ was actually born since the Gregorian and Julian calendar’s have discrepancies…BaylorUlink NYTIMES Link

Regardless, I embrace a pure moment in nature where an individual can apply their own meaning, whether spiritual, mystical, natural or astronomical to this wonderful event as opposed to this rampant commercialism and greed has clouded our senses and perceptions.

As for our neighbors south of the equator, enjoy your longest day of the year and rejoice in the wonders of this planet and beyond.

Traditional Sows

traditional marriage

Papal Prophylactic

pope condom cartoon

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Back to School

With school right around the corner, I thought it was only fitting to post my first Jesus cartoon.
I’ll probably offend somebody, but you have to admit that even Jesus had to have moments when he was teaching.