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Health Scare

health care cartoon

video clip from CNN’s Political Ticker…

Putin Caricature

Putin caricature

Putin caricature

This is the latest in a series of caricatures I want to do of world leaders.  Most leaders come and go and become out dated, but with Putin, I feel he’ll be in power in Russia for a long time…unfortunately for democracy.

Saint Peter star stricken by too many dead celebrities

celebrity death cartoon

Gov. Sanford Man of Mystery

south carolina governor sanford cartoon

Being a state employee of South Carolina, I can’t tell you how many times Gov. Stanford’s name comes up with budget issues.  How this guy became governor amazes me with his blatant disregard for the state.  South Carolina ranks in the bottom when it comes to education and only behind Michigan in  leading the nation in unemployment.  How can a state rich in natural resources and geography can be so poor on so many levels?  When you compare South Carolina to neighboring states like North Carolina and Georgia, it becomes painfully obvious how backwards the palmetto state is in regards to new technology and lacking diversity economically, culturally and ethnically.  I believe this is a blessing for the state as we need new leadership and direction into the 21st century.  This stiff is better off taking a “permanent” vacation.

movie clip


basij iran cartoon

US Health Care

us health care cartoon

Traditional Sows

traditional marriage

No Diving!

pittsburg penguins cartoon

It’s that time of year again, and I have to make my bias known!  Detroit Redwings are hurting and no thanks to NBC making this a condensed series they are at a distinct disadvantage.  I also think that the celebrity cult following of Crosby will make the officiating tilt towards his team.  We’ll see.  Being from Hockey Town, we take our sport seriously and will be certain to follow every move or dive Syd the Brat takes!

Co-dependence day

fourth of july cartoon