This is my new comic strip “Prude n Dude” the travails of two types…a liberal professor and a conservative blue collar ex-auto worker.  I always wanted to draw a comic strip but failed miserably when I tried to emulate Charles Schulz or Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes fame.  But with all things it takes time for characters evolve and develop into deeper personalities.  Well I won’t pretend that this will grow into the likes of Peanuts, but I’m having fun with my stereotypical characters and who knows, maybe it will develop into something more.  Stay tooned and read for yourself…Here’s the first appearance of “Dude” in a cartoon during the 2008 elections…gay marriage




7 responses to “Comics

  1. These are wonderful cartoons! I love the interaction and they are smarter then your average cartoon yet still approachable. Keep up the good work!

  2. These cartoons don’t seem independent, they seem to have a liberal agenda… just saying.

    • politicalgraffiti

      There’s no liberal agenda, I don’t get paid from any organization and since I’m neither a registered Democrat or Republican these are my thoughts. From your perspective sure I may seem quite liberal, but there are others who feel the opposite. Though a dumb redneck and a pencil neck geek may represent two extremes I am not trying to play the middle just having fun.

  3. Howdy, from the Buckeye Capital! (Go Bucks.)

    Heheheh. The fourth one down, actually brought forth a brief guffaw. The line work on the third from the bottom, is my favorite.

    BTW, a link on fb, via Mr Lavezzi, brought me here. Cheers!

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